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For the Birds
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  For The Birds, oil on panel ©2005

  Using Joel's leftover frame stock I created a mini-series of paintings. Bodies of work such as this was used to raise funds to further
  my studio ideas. The works are small and painted while sitting in a chair, as opposed to standing and actively sprinting about. Painting a specific
  subject matter that responds to different objects is both meditative and thoughtful. Working up close and intimately is always a welcomed session
  in my practice. These one hundred paintings flew out my studio door so fast that I wasn't able to photograph them all neatly, rather it was a storm
  of shutter clicks and post-it notes. Sales like this could keep me busy for months.


  "For the Birds" means something deemed worthless,
  like old bread that people toss outside.
  The hard bread sat on the lawn because no one knew
  that soaking it in egg and milk brought it back to life
  by making the best french toast ever.
  I thought about all those things that I no longer needed in my life,
  those stale crumbs that would hurt the roof of my mouth if I were to take them in.
  I thought about the silliness of the world, mostly misguided human behavior.
  I thought how I am not a saint, yet trying to be one is a human right.
  I thought about how I stumble along the busy highway of life
  with loose newspapers blown around my ankles,
  somehow wrapped tightly as if I was a cared for racehorse.
  I thought, through the wind and confusion,
  how the horizon looks good from here!
  I thought about how odd we all are and how we must look.
  And, I thought about French Toast and how things turn around;
  a discarded tire made into a swing.
  Suddenly, i accept all these problems that belong to us.
  I love that we are imperfect and find passion along the way.
  If there were no problems, what would art look like?
  There would be no food "for the Birds."

  FOR THE BIRDS SERIES TITLES. One-Hundred paintings, oil on panel.

  A bird protects my wedding ring from wind and rain.
  A bird sits on my first beret because he knows where it is.
  A bird inspecting three objects (some think they are teeth, others feel they are sails for a boat).
  A bird fetches a velvet pillow for my two weary feet.
  A bird on an old tire turned into a fun game.
  A bird on a flying French loaf tossed between two vendors.
  A bird with a suitcase packed with some seeds, pieces of cotton, twigs and some thread.
  A bird with a letter, unsealed, that was read.
  A bird claims a certain direction without any question. (Arrow)
  A bird keeps a flower alive in a water-filled dish.
  A patient bird prefers to have his ice cream as a soup.
   A bird that knows a rainbow hovers overhead.
  A bird on a gold nugget found between two rocks in the river.
  A bird on a bowl made of hand-blown glass.
  A bird balances on a checkmark taken from a list.
  A bird with a bag once filled with seed.
  A bird with a house made for a doll.
  A bird has a horseshoe that I use to worship.
  A bird with a ruby that is big and rare.
  A bird gathers warmth from a good idea. (Lightbulb)
  A bird on a lake right before evening.
  A bird rests on a lake right before evening.
  A bird flies through a cloud in the early morning sky.
  A bird rides a big watermelon that was a gift.
  A bird drinks from a pewter mug from early American days.
  A bird shows off a bone that was found in the outback.
  A bird sits on a cup that balances on a wire.
  A bird sips some punch while waiting for friends.
  A bird with an apple just picked up from a tree.
  A bird perched on a candle that he just blew out.
  A bird lands on a cherry that doesn't stay still.
  A bird in a slipper thinking it is a boat.
  A bird sits on the table when people have left.
  A bird with a mitten found in the void.
  A bird jumping for joy over a book filled with love.
  A bird hangs onto the tail of a kite while enjoying a deep breath.
  A bird high in the sky sees all that we miss.
  A bird next to a pearl that is too big to transport.
  A bird on a vase meant for a single flower to place on a tray.
  A bird bounces on a leftover muffin that will be put to good use.
  A bird in the morning held by the first rays of light.
  A bird with the pieces pushed by a breeze.
  A bird guarding some corn while the whole family is in route.
  A bird plays with dice that no longer roll.
  A bird owns a teapot that he might call home.
  A bird uses a pipe so he can stay warm.
  A bird on a box that when opened, plays music for all to hear.
  A bird stays with a tiara while the owner sleeps.
  A bird with a message etched on a water glass.
  A bird has a purse and is ready for spring.
  A bird on another piece of toast, this time French.
  A bird stomps on a book that everyone is talking about.
  A bird rests on a bed in need of a kiss.
  A bird flies up high in the sky seeing all that we miss.
  A bird keeps a piece of blue swath of cloth.
  A bird takes the lid of a pot so we can look inside.
  A bird wears a belt perfect for a new nest.
  A bird sets out a tea set to serve to a guest.
  A bird keeps a bow that fell from someone's shirt.
  A bird guards a crown that belongs to a person wise and kind.
  A bird has an eye on a birthday cake with some flames.
  A bird has the power to do amazing things.
  A bird knows how to fly an ordinary ladder.
  A bird makes friends with a lily.
  A bird uses an apron that came from his mom.
  A bird listens to an ear of corn.
  A bird excited by a homemade cake on fire.
  A bird on a bible takes an oath.
  A bird lands on a wedge of firm cheese.
  A bird enjoys a wide slice of berry pie.
  A bird on a hatbox filled with a pillbox.
  A bird wades in a manmade pond.
  A bird on a bow tie not tied right.
  A bird picks up a leaf with three little berries.
  A bird glides on the moon moving through cities.
  A bird stomps on a drum worth beating.
  A bird with a flower filled vase.
  A bird rescues a bracelet missing most charms.
  A bird admires the replica of planet earth.
  A bird buys a miniature model of the great pyramid.
  A bird hangs on to a flying hotdog.
  A bird discovers a unique helmet from antiquity.
  A bird contemplates a message locked in a bottle.
  A bird with a delicate top hat made for a prominent one.
  A bird with an umbrella used for amusement ride.
  A bird sees a spare wing for emergencies.
  A bird with a Bird with a kleenex.
  A bird with scissors stays very still.
  A bird glows under a newly named star.
  A bird is in love with a new woolen sock.
  A bird contemplating a gift of assorted gems.
  A bird gets cozy with a winter wool cap.
  A bird plays with the string looped about my wedding ring.
  A bird huddles under an antique lamp.
  A bird with a keyhole he already peeked through.
  A bird uses a pencil to take an inventory.
  A bird with a cross has nothing to bare.
  A bird takes a sliver of moon.
  A bird admires the pattern of a teacup.
  A bird on a bell keeping it still.


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