Lee Tracy

oil and wax on sectioned panels ©2001

Duck Fly Foot Fish Widow Walnut Jack Ball
Book Bear Eye Heart Water Tie Board Snake
Tea Beard Mail Eyed-Susan List Spot Tan Head
Belt Lung Diamond Hole Bean Pepper Berry Flag
Board* Out Light Top Body Thorn Smoke Letter

Book Jeans Water Crab Note
Monday Bonnet Velvet Bell Bird
Corn Chip Eyes Paint Collar
Blood Glass Berries Balls Cheese
Fish Flame Light Lips Bottle
Point Ribbon Beard Moon Grass

Pepper Tide Ink Maple Root Wing
Letter Man Wood Herring Mulberry Worm
Wheat Hot Line Flicker Head Top
Tape Pine Spider Flag Eye Heart
Slipper Mass Light Wire Fox Marrow

Onion Fever Pine Legs Daffodil
Birch Lemon Fin Sun Rain
Moon Teeth Throat Corn Dog
Spot Hair Jasmine Tail Submarine
Hammer Jacket Jack Light Ware

House Cloud Heat Potato Oak Feather
Fish Blood cells Noise Sauce Gold Lightening
Ghost Knuckle Rice Sale Light Bread
Bean Tail Page Collar Wall Ant
Room Diamond* Wash Flag Pepper Cap

works on paper and a limited edition book ©1999

I took on the problems of the world
Five angels came but it felt like a room full
Wake up, wake up, we have something to tell you
Light came down like a wave into my stomach. it lit me up and also joel
I met god
I was up for five days wondering
I didn't have eggs for breakfast, but perhaps there was one in the oven
I thought if I rubbed stella hard enough she wild become young again
The cat told him everything as he was tying his shoes
I Iet all the doves out to fly
After the light darkness can follow
They told me to unplug things & to draw the shades. others told me not to listen
Inside the loft was an ark while outside there was paper being cut and a baby cried like a lamb
The windows started to shake
Vultures flew northeast in the sky
There was stomping in the hallway and up the stairs
There is a wild beast in all of us that doesn’t need to come out
Wine was tossed but it was not red
I went deep
I dropped all of my baggage
Everything came in twos, everything was opposite
I climbed right back out
We rushed to rush in the middle of a storm
I heard the music of drums down the hallways
The whales called out. my hands together became their tails
I swam with the fishes, their noise was like opera
A strong and beautiful owl flew into my chest
Some call it luck. I do not
The world is a beehive. I am sweet, my friends are sweet, people in general are sweet. The world can be a lovely place
Some thought I was jumping on trampolines
Others threw their arms up
Some thought that I came apart at the seams
A few turned green
A few were cold
Some thought I bit off too much
Some people have silly big mouths
People offer dishes, some may be poison, some are messages of god
There are many ways to digest this
I left a big impression
I see the world differently
I see you as an act of kindness
Different ponds, always a fish
Could be balance, sacrament or a crown
Sometimes we break things to let light in
I am not afraid of dying
I just leap over hurdles. now I don't even see them
It is an experience, a swim into the tide
It is story like a river, long and sometimes silent

works on paper ©2000

Don't assign your emotions to someone else
Stop with the you vs me and the us vs them
Stop love from skipping generations
There is a seashell in the basement
There will always be pieces missing
When you are mean you look ugly
Good news happens daily
Know what is vapor

works on paper ©2000

Be Direct
Watch what you take in
Get enough sleep
Wish on all stars
Look for Flowerheads
Read all those books
Know the things that are vapor
Keep your ears open
Each day, a half hour of wind on your face
This is not a contest
A struggle is fine, a fight can be prevented
What goes around doesn't always come around

HOW THINGS PILE UP oil on drywall ©2001

Head one: they didn't see it coming
Head two: they tried to balance on something solid
Head three: they slowly learned to accept their postions
Head four: they huddled together so that they would not blow away
Head five: they struggled for a view for what would happen next
Head six: they discovered that knowing would take much effort
Head seven: they loved one another and could not be torn apart
Head eight: they began to understand that the power was unique
Head nine: they each moved halfway to the center
Head ten: they saw a narrow passage and formed a line
Head eleven: they found that there was no room to think
Head twelve: they noticed their dependency and navigated to break free
Head thirteen they got caught up in who was going to be first
Head fourteen: they learned that they had competing ideas
Head fifteen: they believed that their thoughts were the same
Head sixteen: they parted and saw that it was
Head seventeen: they left and then a quietness was experienced
Head eighteen: they appeared to be confused by the unexpected
Head nineteen: they experienced a situation differently, thinking it was common
Head twenty: they conformed together and ignored one another
Head twenty-one: they were weighted down by their emotions
Head twenty-two: they took a clue and began to hover about

works on paper ©2004

I stood under the illusion that all people were good (43 years)
The great spirit gave me my humor to help me pass over ditches
Your best interest is not on everyone's mind (even when you are in view and in a puddle of blue)
Yes the flame is tiny but it is not out
The secrets of my heart are mine
Remember a reflection is always something that you can put your hand through
The planets are always lined up. please move to the right viewing position now
God changed my perception by putting me in a nose dive position
Yes, the basket is big. you don't have to fill it up. (it is better to have space)
A few of the elementaries that forever follow me.
Let me know when you have noticed that time and space have melted together
The party always begins when I fall asleep
After climbing the last mountain I realized that my hands were tied the entire way
The instruments were left one morning, we are waiting for the players to return
If one thing is captured from it all I hope it can be held long enough to make a conclusion
Those things that surfaced don't belong to me (I will try not to pick them up)
I found myself on a road that was not mine
Don't trust that life preserver, it is only an illusion
All things need all things to be
The great spirit took me to the other side of the world to learn a lesson (i did not question)
The darkness collecting darkness, like a magnet.
At any moment the light can turn on darkness and chase it to another location
The dangers of go with the flow must be explained fully
It seems that "things never really appear as they really are" is true.
Both clouds carry rain
Whether it is a raft or an island, apparently it only holds one.
It is so sad how you wouldn't let me cry

works on paper ©2004

Division of water continues
Water towers noticing the red moon
Tributaries as paths, water as ladder
Wound between two views
A creek under the red sky
Right before the clouds passed by
Fleeting flock following a direction
The way things are hidden from many
The way things are taken so secretly
Maintain a composure through the changes of your world
Its a desert with deep holes that have no water
Shroud as a guard and protection
The way out to get up the hill
The bright side is always there
The way things connect is always present
The way things turn around
Above is sometime below
Seed hovers over water while in the night
Feathers floating gently over towards a landing
Be calm and focus upward
When it is over is when we begin
Barge softly through the sea of abstraction
Anywhere it could happen
Two suns come together
Stuck between is part of the process
Evoke feeling provides meaning
Upside down underneath
Moving in a certain direction
Water to earth to sky
Seven keys huddle at the lock
Holy blue touches all things lightly
Moon, tears, over trees on earth
The way things work together reaches beyond what we can see
Cough out in the open speeds time up
Visible hive has its moment before fading
Be there

works on paper ©2004

It is both mysterious and familiar
It is all of nature singing together
It is planetary, it is real
All the little bites will be excused
New life begins just when we think it is over
The celebration will start again
A view of all things
All things appear to float, if that is what you want
Calm, peaceful and balanced. a certain type of order
It is all comfort food to me
Don't be fooled, all the pieces fit together
Its a toss in the air, we must hope for good weather
There are two sides to the river, I banked myself on one of them
Where there is smoke there is fear. we try to keep it in the distance
A little fire that is felt by many
They stay all year long in the same place forever
Be calm when all the moons are out
Glory is there to reach
Visible at dusk
Collecting light for many
Holy blue rains down on us
We are sure not to miss
Many fish watch the planets move
The garden stays bright in all weather

works on paper ©2009

If we break the perfect circle it is hard to get it back
I don't know where I am going and I am fine with it
The diving pool is small but always full
She jumped off her soapbox to follow her own path
When I see my blood I don't want anyone’s to spill
I could live in a redwood circle
The last fish to see
We may not get to where we think we need to go
I love this feeling
This lantern works
I let the snake oil expire
Some things can be done without you
This vase has sat on this hill since 1682
Time will tell what is fake
They thought it was a good idea
All the good stuff I saved for you
Down is that way
We watched the water fall off the moon
It is hard to believe that we are told what is a necessity
Something beautiful made from sharp teeth
I have grown used to life as a little flame
I will do it
It took many seasons to be noticed
Things that are locked are open with a feather
I use to trust everything like a homemade muffin
All things that fall add to the story's end
I can't stop thinking about the hole in the sky
I hate that they have bombs that are ready
Once again, I was supposed to go but didn't want to
I wait, patiently (crossed-out), for the things that are stacked to crash
Sometimes for things to rise you need equipment
Too often it is a long haul to the watering hole
Stepping back and covering your ears may be the only way to get through it
My bone did not break but it broke off and was taken
One snag a day is ok, more than that I just unravel and disappear
I pray for you

works on paper ©2010-2016

Video Announcement:

One day I felt like screaming.
I could not paint because I was upset.
I thought about God and how he is a He.
And how he is invisible.
And how I am here alive and a girl.
I thought about the 10 Commandments.
And how they maybe need some sprucing up.
And that perhaps 10 are not enough to get the job done.
To help push us through to the new stage.
We must not deny that things are out of control.
And some habits are making the world ugly and unsafe.
We must admit this so we can put our foot down.
And say enough is enough! It will not be easy,
but it will be the adventure that we long for in our hearts.
What can follow next is beautiful.
Here are the Demandments organized by a woman alive

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Lee Tracy