Lee Tracy


  Book 1
  Seek  Will  Feel  Want  Anticipate  Envision  Dream  Strive  Aspire  Pursue  Yearn  Esteem  Solace
  Purpose  Aim  Belief  Imagine  Hope  Wonder  Sense  Endure  Onward  Faith  Trust  Wish  Promise

  Book 2
  Fix  Change  Refrain  Stop  Halt  Erase  Override  End  Hinder  Refuse  Deter  Counteract
  Block  Forgo  Prevent  Hush  Avert  Limit  Never  Renounce  Cease  Deflect  Avoid  Reject

  Book 3
  Heart  Mindful  Certainty  Oneness  Accord  Generous  Trust  Warmth  Honor  Embrace  Peace  Devotion
  Love  Fulfilled  Purity  Affection  Just  Exhilarate  Tenderness  Grace  Realized  Embody  Attentive  Calm


A quarter mile of fabric
An idea
New inspiration
Over three-hundred stumps with red covers nailed on
The aerial view
a shroud made by the sun
Dirt, mold, cocoons, bug holes, nail holes, nature
A quilt
Shrouds in my studio
The thought of an outdoor structure
The test on the roof
The metal water tower making use of varied sizes
What the wind can do
Much stitching came undone
The shrouds are purified in the lake water and dried on rocks
The four elements; earth, sun (fire), air (wind), and water
The element of ether contains all elements


A resident of the northwestern United States bought land that had first been sold for its logging rights. In August 2000, he made this land available for the installation despite having reservations about revealing what is less disquieting when concealed.

In phase I of Red Trees, fabric is laid and secured over approximately 300 tree stumps razed for consumption.

The bright red fabric elicits the memory of the forest's lost grandeur by positioning each tree in the imagination. It also acts as a shroud for the deceased or a protective cloth for a wound. The red coverings signify loss as well as life blood.

The tree stumps remained shrouded for one year, August 2000 through 2001.During that time, the fabric ages through exposure to the elements, especially the sun?s rays.

In August 2001, over 300 shrouds, altered by natural occurrences in varying degrees of decay, are returned to Chicago.
Each piece of fabric is imprinted with the unique impression of an individual tree, making visible that which was invisible.

In phase II of Red Trees, the shrouds are exhibited on the walls of my studio, which accommodates an abundant amount of them. Each shroud, fastened at the top, bellows in subtle currents of air that create a gently moving room.

The moving room of shrouds contains records of death, yet breathes with life. Destruction and loss are poignantly transformed into beauty and hope. The vulnerability and value of all life, including human life, is elicited metaphorically.

In phase III of Red Trees, the shrouds again are exposed to the elements, especially the wind. For ten days the fabric is softened by the breeze while hanging on a public structure several stories high.

A fully functioning metal water tower stand outside my studio door is used as the installation structure. Itself an icon, as most others have been dismantled, it lends new meaning and purpose to that which is thought to be exhausted.

In the fall of 2003, phase IV of Red Trees, the shrouds are exposed to the element of water. A pristine lake in Maine provides a scenic and serene environment to cleanse the fabric and honor historic rituals of purification with water.

The shrouds were laid over the warm rocks to dry in the morning sun. Again, we are reminded of that which is wounded and of that which can be startling in our natural landscapes.

In phase V of Red Trees, in the spring 2004, shrouds that are weakened and torn are offered to the element of the ethereal. The pieces of Red Trees are placed in a public garden, in a grove of bamboo, so to dissipate over time.

With each thread unraveling in the breeze it returns to that which it came. With it carries the thought, the hope and the prayer, that the passerby, the viewer, is touched to become more aware of protecting our living environment and their own unique power to bring forth change.


All words stem from trees.
My name is Lee. In Sri Lanka my name means wood.
I fell to earth. I had not a choice as to where. I did not know what historical moments I was to witness. Before wood my name expressed the nautical, moving water and warmth started my life.
The position of the sun gave me direction, the moon told me secrets.
I was asked to remember my beginning.
(Such a difficult task)

I stood in a sea of many together. Our hands touching created a lace canopy.
Our feet, tangled gently, helped us not to fall. Such intimacy causes compassion and annoyance.
We grew up and we grew down. We saw light and felt dark.
(The stairway that you hear of)

While growing, there were many close calls to my life and how I was to be.
Sometimes drought came and I would wonder how to quench my thirst.
Rolling sweat of amber tears, those future jewels of elder sun, bore trails down my youthful body.
(I wanted to die, but did not know how)

And erosion that moves the earth affected me.
I got bitter cold and chapped by the shifting plates of rock and churning crust.
The skin of my roots became so sensitive that pain belonging to others seeped in.
(I knew how to die, but found it not right)

I was trampled upon many times, bent and pressed down. I did not stay.
I rose up, looking pathetic, but, this is what I am to do.
I saw slashing and burning, some trees began to cry and never stopped.
(Don't tell me you had not noticed)

To many this very nature is a threat. The response is controlling and shortsighted.
Tempting branches are snapped off as a belonging.
Collections are hidden under the dense pillows of those that continue in sleep.
(Sad, unwise yet true)

Others have plunged knives and metal teeth into myriads of fleshy torsos. They did not hear the screaming.
I yelled out the secrets of the moon, yet, they only heard their own laughter and
applause as they took parts of me and moved others out of the way.
(Somehow we find purpose from needless battles)

A dragon, snake or lizard would come to aid me and for this we all confirmed a truth about our origin.
A truth that is never to change and soon will be accepted by more than a few.
There is still time for conversion.
(you sense this)

Neglect traveled to many places in many forms, but, I am not discouraged.
We so determinedly and generously nurture with shade.
As expected, some shiver and choke and fade from view while under our care.
Others, influenced by darkness only, are angered by an unbalanced burden and withdraw to form an illusion of life.
But, thousands (millions) benefit greatly basking in low light,
growing strong themselves and ignoring all that is seen but the days that are created.
(focus, please see in your mind)

Sometimes there are storms that spill from above. This does not terrify me.
It is our strength. the lightning taps and releases a shock to the ground. I feel the jolts as kisses that fill me with trust and clarity in knowing the motive of the moon.
The wind whips about and tells the story of why we are here.
It is the only way to go, through dimness to where nothing is so much of something.
(Poets call it lunar knowledge)<
as my roots sliced the tight dirt, crushing rock to soften the center.
As I grew others joined me, some draped like soft laundry, others requiring effort, like a bloody animal skin hung to dry.
My bark becomes hard yet not so thick as to render me unavailable.
(Breathe, release)

Many make wishes that moved me to thought. some even weep and kneel to grasp soils of our globe.
Others are blinded by their own needs, an ancient greed.
They walk with idle hands above the dust on an empty road lined with possessions.
They take my breath and curse my hollow void. I sink down and look upward to tolerate fruitless patience.
(Time is and must be so elusive)

Others, you, walk by quietly, like the silent river that I rest by.
They, you, know the secrets of the moon and have always one wish, forever.
They, you, watch the leaves, needles, cones and blossoms come and go.
We watch sunlight move deeply and see where it goes, and how all things are made, at once and together.
(So grateful you are here, aware, knowing what to do)

I was finally made wood.
I don't get scared anymore from the strange and unreasonable attachment to solid;
a temporary state not worthy of burning desire. Do not be concerned.
What follows can be most amazing.
(The wind has proven this)
What follows can not be said.
(The wind has explained)

My name is still the very old word, Lee.
Somewhere the word means glade, the space between the forests,
the shelter where wood is pushed through the air and made free as the light that pardons gravity.
I stood in the middle of it all and now you don't even see me. The courage of trees is here for you to follow.
(The moon shines to remind us that it is not over)

The origin of Red Trees

The silent power of trees.
Years of history and knowing many things.
Influencing air, food and life
Holding the earth and trails of water in place.
A home to worlds big and small.
Staunch and sturdy
Shockingly large.
Cut without thought.
Today, hills shaven, stripped and bare.
Immense purpose and the beginning of red trees.

oil on metal

Stages of womanhood: Baby - Darling - Brat - Hostage - Scholar - Gifted - Saint - Workhorse - Woman

1. Infant: Defining a cosmology
I was born into the world just as I had planned it. Not the route intended, but here nonetheless.
There was a pink dog with me that seemed to remember our origins.
He would whisper "good night," "good morning," and "I love you."
He told me he was going to leave me one day and not to be afraid.
This I believed.

2. Darling: A childhood story
I started to grow. I was pretty and pleasant and played happily.
I learned to float across the floor in my socks.
I was pure and said pure things. I asked a bald man if he was humpty dumpty.
And I took ballet dressed like a bee.
I ate an entire watercress sandwich so that I could tour the Mayflower.
My audience travels with me.

3. Brat: Expression of universal grievances
Eventually, confusion set in. I learned that I was a girl.
It pissed me off to find that there were differences.
I became devious. In the bathtub, I would hold battles and sink all the ships.
I tossed pebbles from the roof and stuck game pieces up my nose.
Some people said that they saw horns. My grandmother told me that I was on the right track
My grandpa told me not to get pinned down by silly rules.

4. Hostage: Time travel adventures
One day I turned like Snow White.
I used frills and bows, rings and charms, perfumes and powders.
I always felt like a mess.
I collected pussiewillows for bouquets that brought spiders inside for the winter.
I walked in a blind haze. I ate lots of carrots.
No one noticed that I was lost. I thought that I was Eleanor Rigby.

5. Scholar: Theories and positions
Stupidity rings in like a hailstorm. I discovered that I did not know much.
I read books even though I did not understand it all.
I absorbed the words into the marrow of my bones.
The elementals were active and possibility was strong.
I focused on those that exceeded my expectations.
I found all my own answers to all the trick questions.
I loved who I was becoming.

6. Mystic: An account of otherworldliness
Sadness travels in with the fog. Carrying vultures that buzzed crazily about my head.
I moved slowly and worked with them for years.
The payoff to the pestering was that they shared their secrets;
trials blaze trails, and tears burrow roads.
My chin was up so not to choke. I hung on to my ideals.
Even when others behave badly.

7. Saint: A declaration of love
I saw love in the world and I saw that it was I. Everyone around me was love.
Holding tightly to this makes it forever.
That is how it all works and why the stars whir. Everyone is forgiving.
I love cab drivers and all the gentle ones at the Salvation Army.

8. Workhorse: Statements for visual artworks
No arms, no sight. I have lots to do and my sense of touch.
I bite off all that I can possibly handle plus more.
Everything gets done because time is only an idea.
I wear an apron trimmed with pearls from the sea to know there is no beginning.

9. Woman: A finale of becoming
Silence roars in quickly. Each thought is a breeze that lifts a lid open.
Public privacy joins inside with out.
Where I am to be and what I am to do is here. There is no need to race or wish.
Power passes without attention. Available, yet invisible.

linen with illustrations for Hearing, Heart, Mind, Voice, and touch,

Elliptic (hear, ear)
Galactic (see, eye)
Magnetic (intuition, heart)
Zenith (thoughts, mind)
Electric (speech, sound)
Gravity (touch, hand)

Mixed medium on cloth with embroidery and aged in stream for three seasons

This is the place
No one is lost
You were born good
The world will never end
He will never leave you
Sparks fly from you
There is no stopping
Nobodys got you
You can lean further
The sand sings
How it repeats
Each can be
You can know things
That you are over it
You did the right things
Freedom is in you
It is time
Not to listen

That the earth moves perfectly
The sun stays on
Clouds form neatly
waves splash on cue
The wind pass over
An awakening to touch
Stars reflect the distance
We are meant to travel light
All things work
Grace builds a way
A vision of a path
Together we share a day
The universe spin around
The doors in the ground
How natural it is
Tasks are adoring
Space filled with glory
Returning beauty
Time turns us around

We were ready
That this could be done
What breaks is fixed
Unity stirs giving
Mends restore hearts
Actions can move rocks
The earth changes shape
Long nights settle
Light rests in the shade
Life continues on
We raise our tones
Things happened all at once
It is inspiring to hear
A struggle worth enduring
We become our very best
It’s something pleasing


Apple, Ash, Aspen,
Birch, Bodhi,
Cedar, Cypress,
Elder, Elm, Eucalyptus,
Fig, Ginkgo, Hazel, Holly,
Maple, Oak, Olive, Palm, Pine, Willow

quilted book with photos printed on silk depicting elements


using Red Trees and World River cloth, printed tissue on textured paper, depicting symbols and packed into a birchbox.

circle, broken circle, 1/2 circle
moon, ying yang, spiral,
DNA, gyres,
infinity, eternity,
star, flower, everlasting


  • You need mementos as medicine
  • Love thy neighbor for clear to get clearer
  • Why paint visions of two raw distinct empires. One one heart at a time who are modest, humble, unassuming folk. Or the other a 25 ft deep cesspit with pig pile upon pig in fear
  • Stay still stick to the business of forgetting the body hunt his private sound rushing by
  • Technologically speaking there's a lot of homework in the world and there's only one of you. We'll help you 24-hour assistant. One-to-one contact. On-site support
  • Remember the "Back to Basics" movement? Well we don't believe in conspicuous consumption. Hear this special song of hope
  • "You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it." So what if luxury is going extinct today?
  • .com and skip town it's a work of love
  • Bring your wildest most creative ideas. Where do you want to go today?
  • Every city? Rules. What rules? What if you cross lines to send and receive. Resolve that will change the face of the world. A lesson learned is believing
  • Who'd the new slaves or pigs?
  • The world's largest companies and little-known companys* are masters at milking governments for welfare and for the relentless mismanaged pursuit of perfection
  • The every day report of crime can really get on your nerves. It is worse than what I left. The big continents are a corporate welfare scorecard cursed by money
  • Still loaded by a peak of denying I didn't know life here could be so hard. Waring feud
  • We'lll do more than remind you. Next the innovative works will travel fast as fire
  • First the world's most interesting American art came from a single survey of 1,100. We're glad again as you get enough time now
  • How I have made the bacon in the city a normal home. He who adapts can stay
  • Over 200,000 humans can't even go back now. Sucker laws for the mixed fruit are both dead and gone
  • New research!
  • Driving the price up again
  • What a deal to bring peace about to offer a fresh look for our time
  • Please? .com
  • Inside but some may make a case. Dear dumb friend, I hope you can beat the big possession trap
  • Turn average escape from something like the silent low ground that are stripped lean
  • Get a fresh new map of the future. Hey, you'll hear great compliments
  • Seriously famous for a functional life born to do more be recognized and get back in charge
  • Would you believe a power where exclusive will comes to visit you
  • Fortunately, never a foreign crazy madness was left
  • Ready for the age to be the best year in trading help. Be blessed and convince friendships
  • A way to know the end of searching for a guarantee priority
  • Winners report builting* in a day a magic social life. Easy loyalty good things including insurance about control
  • Also around the world there's a global descent into lower criminal fiction
  • They created culture terrorism & masterminded your society gene crisis. The most stuck traffic capable
  • Missions flew in numbers. Dark meat flying on a city global no strings attach* make war on good targets
  • Solution? Make justice the real art by taking value in the controversy
  • What price? Priceless. Take fortune. Do it with a surge beyond needs
  • If the art of writing your life depends on top service not words, the crusade comes in time
  • Perform fine build high style bigger. Remind your progress of its determination
  • Ww're optimistic. Support pays off. Wanted: this new way to save sweet new housing may seat all
  • What was glimpsed by a few can now be seen by many. We depend on the new you. The most influential impression on how to give
  • Your horse ran into the ruler of power
  • The kind managing a century of correction. The world caught in a tired old idea.
  • From the front the other large kingdom creates savings of dying-and killing- high-tech weapons nuclear war to cancer-
  • No matter how big you are this is a rat eat rat, dog eat dog, I'll kill 'em, and I'm going to kill 'em before they kill me forecast, the color of envy was born long years back
  • Death of family
  • When moguls relatives & losers don't hear people talk justice ran back to his fortress
  • They thought you knew money changes all or money was redemption
  • TV's, radios, computers, the 9-to-5 workweek, concrete, trash compactors, fax machines, $100 tennis shoes, asphalt, telephones, fluorescent lights, stereos, plastic, tv dinners, stocks and bonds, 100-story office buildings, mortgages, all-night mini-marts, lawn mowers, fast food, credit cards, business attire, malls, and beepers
  • When plastic gadgets sell the you you you hour we turn a depressed blue
  • The children do great arts. The child does excellent dialect
  • Manifest partnerships make the house become the gift from integrity
  • Share how it feels. Inspire a new perspective for all
  • Is it possible to adapt to higher thought. It happens
  • And your eyes soar and an extraordinary performance conquers
  • Try to stop the individual who we consider right now stooped to the point of strong out spoken greed
  • The number one really is not pleasant
  • This place makes me sick. Give society a new important plan to protect from being one who is buried
  • Close call they will need it still may take years
  • Don't let someone undermine you. Outsmart every shrew act. Soft talk may help
  • Keep in charge
  • We're teaching you to be curiously giving
  • We'll help you to reveal a better way and to have great advances
  • See what happens when we all wish for the same thing?
  • After years of struggle every single day here, take a commitment of a lifetime in telling writing that produce healthy results
  • Meet intelligent company to hear and talk about our decisions
  • Now there's the answer not a hardening question
  • Go hunt out the good inside the competition
  • Ready
  • The stop murder of man's roots end things about suffering
  • were going into better areas. We need to take some custody of the big wild
  • You need more aid bargain for more information. Don't call them at the bottom. Let's start face up
  • The payoff for you is fair financial prices but a whole new even bigger atmosphere of the best thanks ever felt
  • Maybe your wish for the future and tomorrow is a win
  • God marks a new year
  • Bang!
  • Everywhere the world was running wild like bugs to your windshield
  • What wasn't with us is now in crisis
  • It's safe to express loss
  • Especially ones going to battle to overcome the opposition
  • Once they introduce bad news the end begins fast
  • Moments isolate a way of life of fortune were shocking free-spirit connects us to other richings
  • Quite oddly enough bodies that process peace and quiet in solitude a positive gift
  • Before long we see a blanket of civility in the world
  • A galaxy stars naturally bred for airtime
  • A time to own plenty of soul
  • Act out who you are. Make new ground. Get your smile to grow
  • Excellence is an amazing state
  • Pressure to response will peak
  • Lacked wonder is noticed
  • Expect the nation to finally decided to want future resolution
  • Built technology has failed today. In the hands of the wrong company
  • Never and ever a warning but a big cover up about government science medicine priorities business time technology
  • Mind games recklessly outrage millions
  • We are like robots only responding to more cash
  • They told us we can have the summit - rocket up
  • Clinically the brain is a place where talents recommend pleasure some bearers have output proven to be gold
  • Something remarkable occurred in the reach for better health
  • Indulge yourself in mysterious arts and speak again in confidence
  • No one will ever forget the perfect fun the fragile part of any human
  • The second performance good for succeeding right now
  • Improvement and turning up the body do this first
  • For every act of untangled locked sadness during the year the re has been the greatest document traveling here
  • Peer straight into the river of pain. Do not privatize it
  • Only off road tings are pulled up
  • Who thought it could be this bad?
  • If this was how it is for all the people then yes nobody can say they are better
  • "Nobody's perfect" we all have rationed fatigue silver points killer stories and a budget dependent on certain strategy
  • Many overcome a crisis regular men reach rest from the terms of a tougher fate called the dysfunction controversy
  • It's black-and-blue like a rock within rubble or is it science fiction like a rocket straight from hell
  • 100 years we've move out of the way to witness young man working on how to decided the right morality
  • This was the disparate try working in vain that only wanted generation ready to keep room for the cash cow
  • We went there proved it does not function
  • How we made the choice first ride shotgun with austerity. Be stern be smart if you ever cared do it now
  • No more smoke around here
  • Next go to the mountain so you can teach so you can teach this fascinating side
  • What kids already say
  • Start the list first marriage should happen next help keep the team knitting
  • We have never run a church. It grew from the new class media business in their usual game of one-upmanship
  • What a long tough hard day a lost century
  • I was not off-the-line tracking archives to spell meaning
  • Half the small low life just out of the sharp new motor due to mismanagement of one old tale
  • Anytime, anywhere in time, incoming sun will overwhelm the home treating critics more as future favorite friends
  • It begins by long-term work
  • Feel addicted to the helping
  • Overcome hated characteristics available to you!
  • Like catching a monumental flock that maybe can be made to honor
  • Five-ring circus of blind rules but a cool party
  • Commuting darkness on the planet give a purpose to predators
  • Who's afraid? Fears travel privately down and over the luxury of your peace
  • A radical mistake gets us wiser
  • Special power opening the way back
  • The future can be an amazing playground!
  • Your it
  • A quiet introducing of you to him is done
  • Listen first perfect thinking profits hi how are you!?
  • The puzzle is growing into a simple view
  • Raise your hands and relax. Look how some personal love offers relief
  • Feeling better?
  • Now spread the promise
  • Spot the best living plan. Drive boundaries back stretch
  • We're running in a borderless world one yard
  • Look my very absolute afterglow galore is life's exceptional proof
  • Everything soars
  • What you want from all is found
  • Believe higher expertise intelligence now they offer you the answers you are searching for
  • Unequal in price of a desirable world product. Buying goods would foolishly manifest boredom
  • How great to live lighter
  • All the pressure of bitter hate shock bleak deceit power competition stressed system has forgotten you
  • Our wonderful shining heart go to your heart project that
  • Deliver the eyewitness proof in public
  • High in the clouds comes a recurring sounding of silent endearment with global descent
  • Music to survive the fighting
  • Whispers rising serve an important world destiny
  • Cries of joy will sound throwing everything into a better view
  • Please try a group performance now. Find some peers. Obvious connections happen
  • Behind the scene a brave agenda is ready
  • Drive home the power of the love's effect
  • Sing daily
  • A worldwide new future renaissance has hit
  • That's the easy step
  • The solution is natural
  • Be a clear receiver
  • Focus on loving
  • It's no secret
  • Don't think or be curiously looking for an answer mission secret or truth
  • Go beyond the promise of a miracle
  • Nature transforms, doom can show you a beautiful and precious art
  • Seeing who you are.
  • Trust your heart
  • Light rainfall flourishes a garden your days packed with good rewards
  • Rising bigger in the light
  • Know the unlocked power for survival and peace
  • Between the fresh air and the ground a translation can be found
  • Mmmm. Get ready
  • Here's a perfect time
  • Stay sitting. Cover your eyes
  • Here* fine heart beats big and small
  • Someone's deep charm their good concerns
  • Freedom is coming
  • Meet the inherited support. Modestly know the good news
  • March on greeting the meek
  • Our advice can help
  • This is not a race
  • Not some experiment or a test
  • Is not all about mind games. The performance of bodies or a ridiculous victory score
  • It's beyond ideas
  • It is the metaphysics of loving!
  • The one way to really live
  • You are on the road
  • This is why
  • You grew up with one of the worst family tragedies difficult sorrows grief false wrath and corruption
  • Perplexed in chaos. Your troubled soul thought we failed you
  • We know that your broken heart stayed passionate
  • Your sighs were humming in heaven
  • You were on a journey for decades where the tough trials are the reason for your awakening
  • We wanted to make you virtually fearless improve values enrich your heart
  • We brought you strength growth a seed for a treasure to grow
  • Just one thing was missing. Belief in the support and alliance of the high energy presented to you
  • How to help you come into the hand and the light of the finest god you'd been wishing for
  • Us guides pushed you on the fringes and to the edge
  • Abling* your eyes to look up into vision of light
  • Our intention are sweet. Close call.
  • Doctors wondered if you were frantic paranoid in deep depression ailing at risk lost parts of reality or on a prescription drug
  • Shocking tale now rest
  • You are alright centered here on the ground coming to clarity about how to spirit works
  • The search now ends!
  • Welcome to the level to just love us
  • We mended you. Deconstruction in exchange for an eternity of caring feelings
  • For a while speak no details of the personal story. Shaping an offbeat provocative testimony could make consequences might force folks to be defensive
  • Stop hype about sounds of being different special better or born to a surprising heritage
  • We don't make time for righteous behavior hero talk or a private exclusive insider
  • Don't mess around with rules of competition setting old scores or wrapped up with what people think
  • This isn't the issue
  • Do you want to help save the world
  • Follow-up how to take the complexities here and use them for good of others practice
  • Be comfortable with life's dreaming whimpers and art
  • Notice moments when your good words smile sincerity make a difference and has extended harmony and peace in the world
  • Our nature to love one another flourishs*
  • The response most likely could be reluctant disbelief denial taking sides fighting some on mean pills or middle-of-the-road
  • Forget it. Run right away no time for the dividing of senses stay with what appeals to you
  • Just like traffic in a deep storm. Most start to go nowhere
  • Accept it
  • Something we cannot take full measure for
  • Like wildlife a full mix
  • Roses in a web of steel
  • Every box has room for light
  • The joy of introducing soul
  • The moment to face the first unaffordable gold star
  • And know a burning in the walls of hearts
  • Making humans heroes
  • Love it
  • It's time
  • Blessed are you who go beyond the body
  • The healthiest investment
  • Moments straight from the pulse of caring
  • We masters* help to guide
  • A very very popular state
  • Right on the target
  • Man deserves more
  • They shall ask why all of the bad morning dawn day noon night
  • But you need to know that evil is but an idea
  • Hell is not real it was the obvious thing for men to embedded in the minds of people
  • Let's be sure about it strange big warm steamy fire won't burn under the busy soil of our planet
  • Didn't we say nothing would risk your value and evolution
  • The king is so close to our decision in life
  • We are in his heart safe
  • Once most have the fact this could really insure revolve with what matters here
  • Do what you can so that we can live better now
  • You'll shape history tell others how you have enough help
  • Soar into a divine new order
  • Yes, were* here. You are part of the plan it's road back home
  • Succeed
  • The key will turn. The waiting is over
  • Own it
  • Run with it

  • *alternative spelling, missing punctuation, and sequencing was
    influenced by the letters and words available within the magazines and sometimes replied on phonetics.

    Forthcoming: I Must Go, Reacts, Reasonings, Ladder Mantra,
    Step Chants, Manuscript, Our Wedding words, Fane Manifesto


    1990 Peppers, Seeds, and Rotting Vegetables
    1996 What I painted when I could not paint
    2005 For the Birds
    2007 Butterflies are free
    2011 The Year The Permafrost Softened

    1988-1989 Chairs
    1989-1990 Umbrellas
    1997 The Chase
    1998 Dismantled Sketchbooks
    1999 Ragdale Series
    2000-2004 Collage Art
    2002 Charcoal
    2000-2004 Figure Drawing
    2000-2005 Project Art
    2000 Spinning Plates
    2002 Fan Collages
    2001 Screaming In Places Where I Can't Be heard
    2004 Wonderscapes
    2005-2006 The Story of the Universe
    2008 Buddha Was Here
    2009 Life On Hold (NFS)
    2010-2016 The Demandments (NFS)

    1995-1998 Sectioned panels
    1997-1998 White Paintings and Furry Work
    1998 Red Dot Series
    2001-2009 Wax, Wire, Gold, Globe, and Glass
    2001 How Things Pile Up
    2002 Retablos, oil on metal

    2002-present Project Items
    Historic-present Fane Items
    1550-1560 Ancestral Figure Drawings

    2002-2016 Paradise
    2006 Negative to Positive
    2007-present Four walls*
    2008 Found
    2010-present Teacups for Reading Tea Leaves
    2011-present Waterworks*
    2000-present My Crates

    2004 White Sands
    2006 Blue Clouds

    LIBRARY OF BOOKS 2000-present
    Painting Inventory
    Book of Days
    The Ragdale Book
    Brain Book
    Ransom Magazine
    Box of Tears
    Pocket Full of Cries
    Flower Book
    Retablos: How I Got From Here to Here
    The Fane Pamphlet
    Scroll of Influence
    The Story of Red Trees
    Red Trees History
    Red Trees Chronicle
    Red Trees Prayerbook
    Red Trees Kakemono
    Book of Leaves
    Elemental Communion
    Found: Journals from the future
    Symbol Book
    Books of Sense
    Organ Origin
    The Wedding Program
    The Wedding Book
    I Must Go
    Ladder Book*
    Book of Stairs*
    The Studio Visit Playbill*
    Flower Book 2*

    Studio 1: Dayton and Blackhawk
    Studio 2: Hubbard and House
    Project scouting and on location
    Works in progress
    Exhibits, happenings, homes
    Studio clippings and announcements

    World Rivers: Curtain
    World Rivers: Participants
    World Rivers: Rivers
    World Rivers: Cloth
    Visit the River Log


    * documentation is forthcoming
    This archive is a creative history spanning two decades.
    The documentation is comprised of many technological
    formats ranging from slides, 4x5s, photographs, and
    straddles the introduction of digital formatting of the time.
    The goal was to preserve images, whether high or low resolution.

    Lee Tracy